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Litigation Support and Expert Witness
We are Certified Public Accountants that provide expert witness testimony, review of financial documentation, and other litigation assistance in all areas of the law. We have experience in multi-district cost reporting.

Corporate Consulting
We understand that purchasing or selling a business is a difficult decision for anyone to make. We first study each and every client individually and then analyze their specific needs. Deciding on the right price to sell or pay for a business or whether you should purchase the business in just one area we are here for you.

Business Planning
When you are starting a new business, expanding a current organization, buying a current organization or working to improve the management of a current organization. There are a wide variety of formats for a business plan so please call us.

Financial Projections
We feel that financial projections and planning is a critical activity for every business irrespective of its age or size. Call our team to help.

Tax Consulting
We have the technical training and credentials to work with your tax needs. We are not here to do a tax return or even a financial statement, but we can assist and consult you in the best light financially. The right tax consultant should be thoroughly versed in the tax code and understand your needs as an individual or business, we have that experience. We are interested in your needs. Please contact us with your tax issues.

Litigation Speeches and Articles
Philip Garrett has been an innovated speaker or guest lecturer. He has also written several articles, which can be provided upon request.