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About Us
Although recently organized in 2008, the firm of Philip A. Garrett, CPA offers 35 years of solving small business financial problems and working with attorneys in litigation throughout Louisiana.

We are committed to maintaining the resources and responsiveness that our clients have come to rely on. We continue to build our experience thanks to a vision and well maintained values. We will strive to do all projects in an efficient and effective manner with the highest professionalism. Our clientele can trust that they will be kept informed in all phases of the endeavor from planning to execution. The client has the ability to integrate their staff or that of their outside CPA’s staff with our own to gain more efficient completion to the task.

Based in Bush, Louisiana, Philip A. Garrett, CPA offers you the experienced place to find your solution. We are moving ahead in this new high-technology era to keep you moving ahead with us. Please feel free to CONTACT US for a discussion of how we can help.